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I just picked up a Conn 40H "Ballroom" trombone for about $100 (with a pro-tec case). It's really cool looking and it's from somewhere between 1925-1934. It's got the tuning slide built into the main slide. It doesn't have a counterweight, so it's very slide heavy.

Is this a particularly nice horn? I'm not looking to sell, but is this rare or valuable in any way? Or is it just a clunker from back in the day?

All of the pictures online show a counterweight that says "CG Conn LTD" in script letters. Is this the appropriate weight for the time period and are they available anywhere today?

They were nice horns, a professional instrument intended for the dance band.  They are not real rare, but still a nice horn.  

You are not likely to find a vintage counterweight except on another horn of the period, but if you are just wanting the weight, you could put a modern one on.  A repair service should be able to acquire one.  

Originally the counterweights were an after-market item, I'm not sure when they became part of standard equipment.  It seems to me that the horns only feel heavy in first position when you are basically holding it in one hand.  When you are using the slide you are supporting it with the other hand, and the weight isn't really noticeable.  

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