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E flat tuba  
I own a Weymann Keystone State e flat tuba, serial number 76929.  (could be 78929, as it is difficult to read) Would you be able to provide some information for me, such as date manufactured and general quality of the instruments manufactured by Weymann?  In other words, were they played by professionals or used in community bands or in school music programs?  The horn I have has been maintained in good playing condition and was played as recently as a month ago by a professional.  I'm trying to determine if the horn is worth more for its sentimental value than anything else, or is it worth pursuing a buyer.  Thank you so much for your help.

Weymann was apparently a dealer, not a maker of instruments.  He must have been pretty successful as he was in business from the 1860's into the 1940s.  Horns made by other than the seller tend to have less value.  He used the Keystone name in the later years.    It was probably aimed at the amateur market.  The other problem is that there are few Eb tuba players around anymore,  most play the larger BBbs in today's bands.

On the other hand, it looks like it is in very good condition.  

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