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Kenton, First of all thank you for your time and support on this topic. I have a silver, Eb Alto Trombone in very good condition. The bell is engraved: "Made by the BOSTON Musical Instrument Manufy." There is no serial number on the bell or slide. Is there any way to date the instrument beyond saying 1869-1913? Do you know when they started putting ser #s on their instruments? What do you think a value range is for the instrument? Again, Many thanks..

I only have suspicions.  I suspect that Boston had serials for their instruments, but they may not have actually marked their instruments with the number in the early years.  If you look at the serial number list for Boston which begins in 1880 with the number 6200, and looking at the several years after that, it appears they were making about 400 instruments per year.  

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