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I have a small number of cornets including a couple of Hawkes and Son Clippertones. One of them, that I used to play, has a serial number dating it back to 1985. However, my second one appears to have no serial numbers. It must date before 1930 before Hawkes and Son merged with Boosey, but seems strange that there is no number. The engravings are, 'The Clippertone, Excelsior Sonorous, Class A, Hawkes & Son, Denman Street, Picadilly Circus, LONDON'.

The valves are numbered 21, 20 and 19. The second valve has Hawkes and Son London engraved on it with the number 7.

If you had any idea how I could date this instrument I would be grateful.

As you have noted, 1930 would be the high end for this horn and 1895 when that street address is correct is the low end.  Every so often, a Hawkes horn with an out-lier number pops up.  I have no explanation for those.  The serial numbers were up to 11177 in 1895, so it seems likely that it was made when serial numbers were being used.  So, I think the most likely explanation is that some how it was missed in the numbering process.  I'm not certain when they started using the Clippertone model, but the examples I have seen dates from around 1910 and later.  

That's about as close as I can come.

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