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While in an antique shop I noticed an old trombone on the wall. The owner said they picked it up for wall art.

I inspected it as best I could: very tarnished, slide worn, very few bents, bell about 8" and seemed to have a very narrow bore. The name on the bell C.G. Conn with either a "Akahart or Elkhart" difficult to read and the bell had some etching. The serial number was also difficult to make out: 1) 210317  or 2) B00317 maybe 3) *10317.

But the most interesting aspect was no tuning slid - on the over the shoulder bell curve - but was  on the slide itself utilizing a finely threaded adjusting bar with locking nut. Plus it is light weight and due to the tarnish color and other small clues appeared to be silver.

I confident it is old but the question is ... collecting, restoring and to play a small part of history ... I have had a number of not as old trombones and enjoyed playing some that were much older .  Your assistance would be most appreciated.

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B.D. Cathcart

That horn dates to 1924.  It has what is known as in-slide tuning.  The purpose of the in-slide tuning was to allow for more conical tubing - and therefore a more mellow sound.  It could be one of several models that were available that year.  

One thing to be careful with an inslide tuning trombone of that age, is whether it is built to play at low (modern) pitch.  High pitch instruments can sometimes be converted to low pitch, but it is much more difficult to do with a high pitch instrument.  

Whether it is worth restoring, is dependent on too many factors to try to address here.  

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