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I have a silver Reynolds Baritone serial #6143 and was curious if it is a baritone and when it was manufactured. The front side of the bell has a US scribed above the made by F A Reynolds Cleveland O design. On the left side of the bell higher up is inscribed L.T.L. 13471. This inscription is poorer quality than the  Reynolds inscriptions. The tone of the instrument is more warm than I would have expected from a baritone, which makes me wonder if it is a Euphonium. I'm a bassoon player venturing into the brass world :-)

Terry is sounds like it might be a horn that was made for use by the military during World War II. The distinction between a baritone and an euphonium is a nebulous one.  My own personal definition is whether it's tuning slide is before or after the valves.  Before = baritone, after = euphonium.  The horns with the tuning after the valves have slightly more conical tuning, therefore an euphonium.  

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