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I'm having trouble finding a period mouthpiece for this 1917 Eb tuba. It doesn't play in tune with the mouthpiece I found that fits -- a small shank piece similar to a 24aw. The open notes are a little flat, and the fingered notes are almost a half step flat in relation to the open notes. Do you know where there might be an old piece for sale?

Two parts to this issue:

About the only place you are likely to find a mouthpiece is on eBay.  And, even then it will probably take some patience and some luck.

I have found that intonation and pitch on vintage instruments is better with a vintage mouthpiece.

That being said, I suspect that it is likely that it will not fix the problem.  Low pitch horns of the period often seem to be pitched below a=440.  In which case, the solution become a matter of trimming a bunch of tubing.  It will be necessary to take all the inner and outer tubes for the main tuning and each of the valves and trim them down so you can get the horn up to 440.  

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