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Recently I acquired a silver Wurlitzer "Lyric" tenor trombone, no serial number. The bell is engraved "Lyric" followed by "Wurlitzer" then "Made in USA" (no "Rudolph" nor "Cincinnati / Chicago" etc.), slip-fit slide section with a slide lock.

While freeing (wrestling) the tuning slide, I found that there are 2 removable inserts ("tubes") between the tuning slide itself & the lower bell section. By no means have I seen even a fraction of the "charms" of old trombones, much less "seen it all", but this is a new one on me. I've seen interchangeable pitch tuning slides & such yet this is a head-scratcher.

The latches & center lock on the case are branded "Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, Conn, USA". Kinda surprising that they all 3 work (no key, though!). The case doesn't smell like it came from Tut's tomb & is in overall fair-to-decent condition.

Any idea on the date range? Any information you can pass on is greatly appreciated. I didn't pay a lot for this & I'm not asking for an appraisal. I think its true worth lies in the pleasure of appreciating the craftsmanship of a bygone era & getting this ready sing once again. I only hope my humble talent is worthy of the effort. Thanks!

Seems like there were some makers that used inserts to convert from high pitch to low pitch.  But is is also likely that they are an aftermarket item to convert from high pitch to low pitch.   The slide lock would tend to be associated with later models, but the high pitch and the lack of serial number would lead to an earlier date.

But, this one sounds like that would have been made by Conn for Wurlitzer after 1906.  

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