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Hi Kenton...

For years, my father played a Buescher 5-valve double bell euphonium, which as he got older fell into disrepair.  This particular instrument has USOMC etched on the bell in what appears to be the same calligraphy as the original Buescher scroll.  Do you know if during the 1920's, Buescher manufactured instruments specifically for certain organizations?  I am assuming that USOMC has something to do with the marine corps, but have no data to back that up.  Second question... my father recently passed and left his instrument to me.  I would love to COMPLETELY restore this instrument to its original grandeur, but I have no idea how to go about doing that.  Any advice?

Thanks so much...  Peter

I believe that the O in USOMC is really a Q.  As in United States Quarter Master Corps. It would then be an instrument purchased by the government for military use.
The question of the restoration of the instrument, is more complex.  If you would like to send pictures to me at, I'll be better able to advise you.  

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