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I have a Silver trombone with a design but only information is "made in Elkhart".   There are numbers on the slide R16739.  Can you possibly tell me what kind it is and when it was made.  It is in good shape and I still play it.

Thank you

It is not going to be possible to determine the date of manufacture from the serial number.  There were several makers in Elkhart; including Blessing, Buescher, Conn, Gronert, and Pedler.  Of those, Buescher, Conn  used a R prefix on some of their serial numbers.  But Conn didn't use the R until 1972, so I think we can eliminate it.  Buescher used it on their Windsor line.  I have also seen a CF Boston horn with an R serial and made in Elkhart, but it was probably also a Buescher stencil.  The main serial number list for Buescher does not contain the R series.  Many of the manufactueres sold product from their student lines as stencils for other dealers. I suspect that was what was intended with your horn but it never actually got the name of the dealer stenciled on it.

To date this horn, it is probably going to be necessary to make an estimate from details of its construction rather than from the number.  

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