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old trombone.  decent condition though small and frail compared to my modern horns.  Here is what is on the bell.

Case's System
Ro No 28775
Trade Mark
Boosey & Co.
295 Regent Ste

The slide fits only by friction and the tuning slide is on the slide.  It is a extremely light and frail horn. There is one small repair on the bend leading to the bell where a normal tuning slide would be.  I replaced the water key pad but all else is in pretty decent shape.  After I warm up a bit I can get a pretty decent mellow tone out of it.  After playing this for a bit and I pick up one of my pro horns I feel godlike.  :)  Kind of like swinging severals bats before heading to face pitcher I would imagine.  Can you tell me anything about this horn?  I don't have a clue how old it is.  Thanks

The Distin family was a group of performers, playing a variety of brass instruments, until they happened to meet Adolphe Sax.  Sax had developed a family of instruments, called saxhorns - trable through bass.  Consequently, the Disins began performing on Saxhorns, and also marketing the horns in England.  But, as was usually the case, Sax was soon feuding with them, and the Distins began to manufacturing their own line of brass instruments.  

In 1868, when Boosey bought the Distin Company, it was probably the Boosey Company's introduction to manufacturing brass instruments.   Henry Distin later moved to the United States and began to again manufacture brass instruments.  

However, for a while Boosey continued to use the Distin name on the instruments they sold.  Boosey moved the company to 295 Regent St in 1874.  

But based on the serial number, this horn probably dates to around 1885.  Shortly after that, (1886-8), Distin set up his company in the US.  So, it is likely that Boosey would have quit using the Distin name.  

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