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I have just obtained a JW Pepper & Sons - Perfected - Bb Baritone, 3 piston valves, large upright bell.
First question: how is a Perfected horn different from others of the era.
Second Question: with a serial number of 65438, approximately when was it made.

Thank you very much.

Perfected was just a model name - it had no particular significance.  

Pepper started selling instruments in 1877, and from the beginning.  But with the assistance of Henry Distin, they also added instruments of their own manufacture, to those that they imported.

But, by 1909, they decided to concentrate on other aspects of the music business and discontinued instrument manufacturing.  However, they continued to sell imported instruments until approximately 1920.  

The instrument you have is in that 1909 - 1919 period.  

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