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I need to raise money for a good cause and a gentleman gave me an old brass/silver sousaphone.  It has an inscription on the bell:
F Jaubert-et-Cie  PARIS
It's a 24" Bell and has a 5 3/4" Collar
Mouthpiece included.  Also, it is in an old, musty case.

Not knowing really how to go about selling it, I was wondering if you had any suggestions.  Can you give me a rough estimate to ask for it?  Any help or advice you can give would be GREATLY appreciated!  

Janet Mogavero

This horn has a couple of things against it. Jaubert were durable old imported instruments, but they don't command a lot of respect or interest. In addition I suspect this horn is in the key of Eb which few people play anymore and it may be pitched higher than modern bands play.

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