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Buglet inscription
Buglet inscription  
I own an instrument which calls itself:
         "the Buglet"
         Prize Medals
         4 TURNS
then in circular writing says:
         by appointment to
         the contractors
         & manufacturers
         War and Indian offices
again straight line writing: HARRISON & NIXON
         New York
         H. KEAT & SONS
         Matthias Rd.
The Bell is oval shape. Comes with mouthpiece chained to leadpipe. All tubing made of raw copper(great patina)except for white metal on 2.5" section of leadpipe,,embossed shield on bell, and tubing guard for protection. Total height standing on bell is 6 5/8" and width is 5 3/4". Has some dents,, minor corrosion in spots and plays very well with very warm sound. I inherited this special piece from my Uncle who played trombone professionally in Vaudeville. I am enclosing a photo to help in any way with it's history. Never thought I would have a chance to ask an expert. Note: Additional pics available

Gratefull for your attention,
Thank you

Sorry for the delay.  I was away from home and failed to advise AllExperts of that fact.  

I have no information on Harrison and Nixon.  

Keats was a bugle maker that was established by 1856.  They were awarded contracts for large amount of bugles after the Crimean was.  and contract work for the East India Company.  Henry died in 1876 and the firm was taken over by his sons, Daniel and George.  By 1894 they were making about 4000 various bugles annually.  They made military bugles, coach horns, hunting horns, and buglets for cycling and club use. They were no longer manufacturing by 1942.  

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