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I recently retired from band directing. I've had an old double bell for many years that has hung on the wall with flowers in the bell. I'd like to know if I have a real piece of history here. Knowing the approximate value is an interest, but I really want to know this horn's place in either musical or military history.
C.G. Conn serial number 154002
U.S.Q.M.C. inscription (thus my military curiosity)
4 valves - 3 on top, 4th on side
A few dents...none on either bell or main body
A few broken solders, but all parts there and no major damage
All valves & slides move freely
Horn plays as well as a 1917 model leaks
My students have been intrigued by this horn for decades. I promised myself upon retirement one of my projects was to figure out what this old girl has been through. You are my first stop. Thank you for any insight you might be able to offer.

With some more information, we may be able to figure out which model this horn is.  (Large Bell up or forward), diameter of the bells, bore, etc.)  And, the Quarter Master Corps does indicate a military history.

But if its  provenance isn't traveling with the horn, it is extremely unlikely to be able to determine the particular history of the horn.

The Double Bell euphonium is claimed to have been invented or at least put in production in the 1880s.  The earliest catalog, I've seen with the Double Bell shown is the Conn from 1890.  

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