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I stumbled across a trumpet in case with two mouthpieces with a $35 price sticker at a bargain barn kind of business. I talked him down to $20.
Since I used to play one in high school many years ago, I thought why not? I love old things anyway and this horn appears to be just that. If nothing else, it would look great in my music room.
The bell has an engraving that says "Westpointer" and also says "Made in USA". Serial Number 20289 on valve casing #2.
Though it is tarnished silver it doesn't have any dents and the bell is an engraved style.
The two mouthpieces:
The other, "APOLLO 7C" & "MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY" (This one is Gold colored)

I've been trying to research the trumpet and can't find anything on it.
I was just curious of it's age and the manufacturer.

I might add, I disassembled the instrument and cleaned then reassembled it for test... I swear it plays as sweet as my '74 Schilke (this was my high school horn...) did I mention many years ago? :)
Any help you can offer with the ID and Year of the Westpointer would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

ANSWER: I have never run across an instrument by the brand.  I can only assume that it was a store brand for a music shop, and that it was bought and stencilled.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.
The only Google result was the same name trumpet that sold at an auction.
When I dug into the mouth pieces I found (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the "VINCENT BACH CORP. NEW YORK 10 1/2 DW" was made in the 1'st New York period, 1918-1922 before Bach Trumpets were made... he only made mouth pieces. Would you agree with this? Maybe it will date the Trumpet.
The other mouthpiece saying APOLLO must have been purchased later, post war. I've read that there was a gold plated version. This mouth piece polished to a beautiful luster... I could be so lucky.
I will continue digging into research on the Trumpet.
Thanks again!

Bach did start by making just mouthpieces in 1919, but by 1924 he was making instruments.  But, it is a mistake to place reliance on the mouthpiece to date the instrument.  Many musicians change instruments more frequently than their mouthpiece, others are constantly searching for the perfect mouthpiece.  So, it is about as reliable as predicting information about your shirt by investigating your pants.

Bach made an Apollo model, and possibly labeled mouthpieces similarly.  I believe there is another concern using the Apollo brand now for at least sax mouthpieces.  

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