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QUESTION: Once again Mr. Scott,   I just wanted to prevent you from excessive worrying about why you got my question that ended in an incomplete sentence. You need not worry that I may have had a sudden heart attack, forced off a public computer by a bully, robbed while (with or without) being held at gunpoint, kidnapped and being held for ransom or abducted by aliens. I actually just ran out of time at our local library and even though there were only two of the 15 computers being used, they would not break the rules for me...imagine that....for me!     To continue from the last word "the"...conclusion that the last 2 letters are either ma or na #I am trying to break it to you gently the kindest way I can other than just saying even though I can hardly tell what the letters are, I can say without a doubt that there is NO WAY #please keep in mind that I like to kid...any mean bone in my body is reserved only to my husband#that they can be ft thus no "Handcraft" and the word is 6-8 letters long. Why the model name is less deep than the other printing on the bell, I don't have a clue. Would you have access to a list of model names you could send me or let me know where I could find myself to save you some time. I do realize that you are, in fact, volunteering your time to look this up and I am just trying to make up for the extra time that I have made you take by amusing myself #and hopefully you also# by this time not keeping my question short and to the point like the first one, reason being that I accidently erased what I had been typing #a long...long..long question very much like this one#and I didn't want to have to take the time or effort to retype it exactly so I gave you the Cliff Notes version so to speak. I also failed to let you know that the trombone is very plain and has no decorative engraving. If a picture would help you, please let me know, and I can send you one. Thank-you again Mr Scott..I really do appreciate your time and high level of patience.  Elisabeth

ANSWER: Martin did have a Magna model.  

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QUESTION: Mr. Scott, Would you happen to know where I can find a picture of the inside of the original case my trombone came in? I have looked a lot and can't seem to find one....Oh, good news, I finally identified the model, it is "The Indiana"    thank-you so much for your help... Elisabeth

Cases typically don't last as long as the instruments do.  You may be able to find one on eBay that still has a case, but often replacement cases are used after the first one wears out.  And, makers will sometimes switch models of cases on the same model of instrument.  

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