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QUESTION: My nephew was given a carl fisher American cornet, serial #7608.  Can you tell us anything about it? Mk

ANSWER: Carl Fischer (1849-1923) started as a dealer in New York in 1872, after immigrating from Germany.  He imported instruments and put his brand on them.  In 1940, Fischer bought out the York Band Instrument Co. in Grand Rapids, Mi. They made instruments in the York plant as well as imported many different musical instruments from Europe, and marketing them as Carl Fischer instruments.

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QUESTION: Do you have any idea about how old it is?

By visually inspecting the horn, it MAY be possible to make some general determinations of age and possibly the maker.  But there are no records that would allow for the identification of the horn from the serial number.  Fisher would purchase imports from a variety of sources, and that information was never publicly available.  

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