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I have an old Beaufort American Chicago trombone and I would like to know the age/date of manufacturing and the company that made it. If you have any other knowledge about the instrument such as pertains to the quality of instrument (student, professional), please share you expertise.

The name "Beaufort American Chicago" is engraved on the bell amidst a beautiful floral engraving pattern. The only other marking on the horn is a very small capital "H P" located on the lower outer slide about one inch from the top opening. The slide is a friction fit and there is no slide lock. The is no weight on the tuning slide either.

The horn is in playing condition with no dents. All of the minor dents have been repaired and the slide straightened. Can you give an estimate of the instruments value?

I can send more pics. Just email me and I can respond.

Beaufort instrument line was the Holton Company's initial entrance into the student market.  They were stenciled instruments of lessor quality.  It is generally believed that they were imports, but there is some indication that at least some were domestically made.   Holton later replaced these student model horns with one of his own making - which were of higher quality - called Collegiate.  

The HP indicates that this was a High Pitch instrument.  That means that they tuned to a pitch higher than the A=440 which is the standard today.  That means that this instrument will not play in tune with modern instruments.  

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