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Yes I recently read about the antique piccolo and your answer about it and have a question myself I have a piccolo exactly like the modern piccolo the only thing that is different is the key that your left pinky uses is attached to the ring finger key and it does not have the open on the bottom side of the piccolo like most piccolos do. It has all the other keys and when I play it like I play my flute the keys do not match my band director currently has it he is trying to find out about It as well because he said it is probably in a different key with different key fingerings. I'm just asking if you might have any information on what kind of piccolo I have its says its a Haynes piccolo

Again, I need to say that woodwinds are not my area.  But, I suspect that you may have a military Piccolo pitched in Db rather than in C.  100 years ago, the Db piccolo was the most popular variety, but by the 1940s, there pretty much phased out in favor of the C piccolo.

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