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I have come across a clarinet. It's an Evette Buffet Crampon Master Body. Serial number is D29004.  What's the difference between E10, E11, E12 or R13? How can I tell which one mine is? I've been researching to find information on it and am not quite sure what I'm reading because I don't know the exactly what I have.
Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: Hello, so sorry for the delay in our response! The R-13 model is the higher end model and often considered the professional clarinet model by Buffet. The E-11 is the model under that with the E-10 being the same as the E-11 but with a plastic bell. The plastic bell on the E-10 makes the overall weight of the clarinet less without affecting the tonal qualities. The E-10 is a cheaper model than the E-11 due to the plastic bell but without any shortcuts in terms of playability or quality otherwise. The E-11 and E-10 are made in Germany whereas the E-12 and R-13 are made in France. According to Buffet, the E-12 model is still a "student" model whereas the E-11 is an intermediate model and the R-13 is the professional model. The Evette Master series clarinets are marked as being of superior quality and comparable to the quality of an R-13. The serial numbers denote the "series" of the specific clarinet which yours is "D29004" which makes it the "D-Series" which began production in 1953. From our research it looks like the D-Series is equivalent to the E-12 model. Please let us know if you have any further questions! - ModernFlute

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QUESTION: Thank you so very much for getting back to me! I do have one more question....
Given that my clarinet is more than likely an E12, does $300 sound "the norm" for restoring this Clarinet?

Have you been quoted $300 for restoration? Please send photos through allexperts or directly via email at and we will assess for you as well. If the overall condition of the clarinet is a mess then we would estimate $300 to be accurate. It also depends on your location as some areas charge more for labor than others, etc. Best wishes!

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