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Hello, I bought an old trumpet today from a guy who said he had it since the early 50s. It is a brass trumpet. It has the word victory engraved with other decorative marks on the horn part. It also has the words Germany USSR occupied, engraved near the mouthpiece. After doing some research, I assume this horn was made in East Germany between 1945 and 1949. What do you think? And do you think victory was the brand, model, or somehow related to the war? I can't find any similar items on the web, not sure if that means it is relatively rare or not. Any idea what company made this? Any feedback is appreciated, thank you

I don't have a definitive answer for you.  The Ditson Company used Victory as a model name, but they were out of business by 1931.  And Progressive Musical Instrument used American Victory.  Both of these companies imported the instruments they sold.  But neither seems to match up with your instrument.  

I would agree that it seems likely that it was made after WWII.

Since there is no other labeling on the instrument, I would suspect that it was marketed by a company who purchased it from an unknown maker.  I would direct you to my page of makers by location at:  I would also suspect that the East German reference on the leadpipe was to the maker, not the company that sold it.  Even with this list, it would be a bit of a project to narrow down the field.  One would have to figure out which cities were in East Germany, and then determine which were in business after WWII.  (Possibly, the dates will be listed one my maker's page at:  

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