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QUESTION: I recsently rescued a discarded 3 valve Euphonium or Tuba, at my part time employment site. I am retired but have a past involving marching bands.  Although I was a drummer and sbsequent Drum Major of a Pipe and drum band, I have little knowledge with respect to the item I've acquired. I feel I could find the time and resources to get the Tuba back to operational status, and pass it on to a Army Cadet band that could use it, or other youth organization.  In any event needless to say this Tuba is dented, has need of some soder repair, rust and tarnish spots, and needs cleaning.  The Tuba has a detachable bell, 3 valves, and is stamped Western Germany.  It has a serial number on the middle valve 632120.  The bell is curved slightly and on top has an engraved etching wih the tittle ACADEMIC in the centre.  I will enclose some pictures, and with any luck you can tell me who the manufacturer is and if it is worth my while and expense to fix it up, and pass on?

Thanks,  Lyle

ANSWER: I believe that this ia a horn that was a stencil for a dealer, I don't know who the maker may have actually been.  As far as whether it is worthwhile to fix it up, I would suggest taking it to a repair service and let them determine how much work it needs.  It is practically impossible to make any assessment of its condition from a picture.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I'm not familiar with the term "stencil for a dealer", if you could explain what this is with respect to it's manufacturer. I shall take it in fo a repair service in Edmonton and get an estimate for the work required to fix it up. Are there manufacturers known for making horns quite similar to this style?  I guess  the repair service will likely be in a better position to determine this having a hands on experience.  I'll let you know what happens.  Thank you.


Many music stores would want a 'house brand', so they would contract with a manufacturer to make instruments which they would then label them with their own brand name.  I have a table that lists the makers and major dealers by location,  It could help narrow down the likely candidates for manufacturer.  

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