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I inherited a Keefer cornet with number 9027 on the second valve. The bell is worked in brass and what looks like silver? Floral pattern inside. Outside bell engraving "Brua C. Keefer, MAKER,Williamsport, PA. I cannot find a number anywhere on this bell. In the case there is an alternate tuning slide with a rotary valve engraved with "A" and "B" positions. Also another alternate fixed tuning slide, metal mute, lead pipe extension (1), two original mouthpieces and music holders.

It was professionally reconditioned about 50 years ago.

Is this rare? Where should I look for the bell serial number?

Thank you.

Keefer's predecessor, Distin, used both a valve serial and a bell serial.  But, I believe that Keefer did away with that and only put the serial on the valve casing.  

Keefer instruments, are rare mostly because they were not a high production business like some of their competitors.   

Yours dates to around 1919.  

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