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Hello Kenton,

I have a Besson tuba 2-20 (serial #458292,years 40's/50's) which the first piston has been seriously dammaged. Do you have an idea of a source where I can find  such a piston?

Thanks for answering.



Well, there are about three approaches.  

First, you say that it is seriously damaged.  Yet, it is probably your best bet to see if it is not possible to repair the original.  Sometime some pretty serious damage can be rebuilt.

The second choice is to find another tuba and use it's parts.  And, it probably will be easier, cheaper and faster to simply replace the whole valve assembly with the valves from the parts horn.  It might be possible to fit the piston, but it is still going to have to be rebuilt and lapped in.

The third choice is to have a competent repair person remake the valve from scratch.  That is a difficult project and not cheap.  

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