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QUESTION: Hi Kenton,
I was your response regarding a previous Varsity trumpet.
I picked up very distressed one at an auction with 6 other horns which were actually displayed on a wall in a restaurant which closed after 60 years.
My #016021.  Don't think it is worth much but I have no idea of the age.
I cleaned it up and it plays well. It is silver with nice markings on the bell.  Its profile is narrower than most trumpets (shorter valves).
Thanks for any comments.

Rich  (Philly suburbs)

ANSWER: The Varsity was a student line sold by Holton before they started making their own Collegiate line in 1929.  They also sold imports of Beaufort and Pertin.  But there is some information that seems to indicate that some of those early student horns were domestically made.  

One report claims that at least some Varsity's were made by Cleveland.  Is it possible that the initial 0 is actually a C?  If so, that would support the contention that it was made by Cleveland.

Kenton (Punxsutawney suburbs!)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Its definitely a '0'.  Since it is has a different profile look, I plan to hold on to it.
Are you thinking the horn is pre-1929?
Thanks again.


p.s.  Tell the groundhog we are happy spring is around the corner!

I believe I have to make a correction.  I think this horn was made by Pan American and sold by Weymann in the mid 1930s.  Forget Holton - my mistake.

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