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I have tried to search the internet for information about a piccolo my father gave me 40 years ago from when he owned and operated a music store in Culver City.  The piccolo is marked Horst Moenig Baxter Northrup and has a serial number 4745, Mod. SM. D.
The only info I was able to find is that Horst Moenig and Baxter Northrup were in business together until 1950, which tells me the piccolo is at least 66 years old. I would like to know when it was manufactured and any other information you might have or find for this model and serial number.

Welcome to! Thank you for choosing us as your 'expert'! Baxter Northrup was an importer that stamped their name on many different brands of various instruments. The 'D' most likely indicates that the key the piccolo is in would be Db (D-flat). If you measure the piccolo assembled, from end to end, it should measure approximately 11.5-12.25in in length if it is in the key of Db. Can you send some photos of it so we can get some key points to indicate a closer estimated date of manufacture and get you information on the specs., etc? Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing back from you! Modernflute -

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