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Liberty horn
Liberty horn  
Hello. Thanks for reading. I have tried to research this instrument and cannot find any details on it. It says "liberty c.k.c. Co. 1317 Grand Ave. Kansas City mo. Can you tell me what it is? None of it seems to exist anymore. Thanks for any info. SN 86222

Let's try this again, I answered the question, but it didn't seem to save.  So, starting over.

Your horn is a mellophone.  It is a transitional instrument.  In orchestras, the alto voice is played by the French Horn, but with the beginning of the Brass Band Movement in the early 19th Century, the alto voice was played on an alto saxhorn.  Near the end of the 19th Century, the mellophone was introduced as an alternative to the alto horn.  Then along came professional bands, such as Sousa's, and they used French Horns for the alto voice.  So, alto horns and mellophones were phased out, except for marching bands.

In 1924, the Conn Company opened up a number of branch stores, including Conn of Kansas City, and they used the model name of Liberty for their instruments.  Conn provided instruments from their student line - Pan American for their branch stores.  And, yours appears to be their 20E model.  Your horn dates to approximately 1930.  

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