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I recently purchased from an old gentleman a Supertone Bandmaster Trumpet.  I was wanting some background/history on this trumpet.  It is nickel plated, s/n-2872, has smaller than normal horn (4"dia.) and is longer than normal 20-1/4".  Made in Elkhart-IND and has a pattern etched in the horn.  It plays great and has fantastic sound/tone.

Supertone and Bandmaster were tradenames used by the Sears Robuck Company.  Sears never made their own instruments, but would have other makers do so on their behalf and they would put their own logos on them.  The 1927 Sears Company shows them using the Supertone name and the 1937 catalog shows them using Bandmaster.  So, I assume that Supertone Bandmaster was a transition.

The trumpet looks much like a Pan Amrican Model, and since they were out of Elkhart, I presume they were the maker.  Pan American was the student line for Conn.

Let me amend my presumption. Another likely supplier might have been the Elkhart Brass Instrument Company.  

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