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I inherited a "Wurlitzer Professional U.S.A." (stamped on the horn) 3-valve silver trombone, with its case, from my uncle. It has P21174 stamped into the middle valve, and the top valve keys look to be mother-of-pearl.  Each valve is also stamped with either 1,2,or 3.  I can't see any ID on the mouthpiece.  The horn diameter is 7", and I if I measure the brass/gold interior opening, it appears to be about .5", when measuring outside of the metal opening. The length of the whole horn appears to be 43-44" long.

I have been searching online for a very long time for this trombone, but can't find a picture just like it & can't positively ID it.  I have read most of pages, and I have also gone through many of your Q&A's too, as well as searched many, many other sites; all to no avail.

Can you help me ID the year of it and if it is as rare as it seems to be, (because I'm not finding it after many, many long hours of searching) ? (I could try to take a picture of it if you need that, upon your request).

Thank you so much !

From your description, it sounds like it is a 32G model from 1921.  I would be interested in pictures, as I don't have any of this particular horn.  You can send them to  

This horn was supplied to Wurlitzer by Conn through their Pan American line.  By this time, the heyday of the valve trombone had passed, so they sold fewer of them than they did in earlier years, and certainly fewer than they did slide versions.  

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