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I have come across a Beaufort American Chicago Trumpet (I think its a trumpet).  I found a serial number.  I cannot clearly make out all the numbers, but, here it goes P52 335.  The P could be a D and the 2 cold be something else.

I can supply pictures.

I have not cleaned the piece yet, but, I want to try and find out its history.

Thank you,
John D. Petrocci

Before Holton started making its own line of student level instruments, the Collegiate starting in 1929, they supplied the market with less expensive instruments.  Initially, they imported product for this purpose, and later they bought instruments from Conn's Pan American line.  Between the years of 1917 and 1931 Holton was also transitioning manufacturing from Chicago to Elkhorn WI.  This instrument is in that period - approximately 1926.  

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