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My pastor has a vintage(playable) A K Huttl Graslitz trombone.  Has dates 1878 and 1880.  Can you tell us any more about it or what to look for serial number location ? (if there ever was one)  rest of etching is a bit hard to discern.  Thanx


Anton Konrad Huttl started his company in 1877.  The company advertised in 1913 that they had the largest most modern factory in Austria-Hungary and Germany.

In 1945, the company was Nationalized, and in response they relocated in South Wales. They also had a factory in Canada that closed down in the 1970s. Also horns labeled Western Germany were presumably from Baiersdorf, Germany.

But your horn sounds much older than that.  Of all the images of Huttl instruments, I find none of them list any serial number, so I have to assume that they didn't use that convention.

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