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Antique Musical Instruments/Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balanced Trombone


Hauke D. Powers wrote at 2007-05-15 19:34:15
I also have recenrmy purchased several trombones from a music repair shop in Virginia Beach. Among the trombones purchased was an exact model of this trombone. This is an excellent instrument with a mellow smooth tone. It is very playable for anyone starting out in band.

Pete wrote at 2009-06-22 05:43:25

I have owned a Getzen Super Deluxe since High School. It has a silver ring about 1/2' wide around the outside of the bell. It was bought new in 1961 for about $160. I guess that was a lot of money back then. Anyway it has served me well over my younger years. It has been in the basement now for over 35 years. Funny I happened upon your question by mistake as I sent the old trombone out to a slide technician for repairs last week and can't give the SN. The horn always had a great tone and served me well. I still play trombone and own a King 2B and a Yamaha. Saving the Getzen for any grandkids should one come along or for use in parades.

Randy Howser wrote at 2015-10-20 05:07:48
I bought one when I entered nhigh school in 1962.  Paid $550 for it then.  I've seen them on Ebay for between $500 for a beat up horn and $1500 for one in pristine condition.  Mine was tri-colored and had a beautiful sound.  Played it in  Jazz band for a couple of years and in marching band for 4 yrs.  If yo let your son use it take extra care with the slide.  One with good stockings moves very freely without resistance so if he doesnt hold the slide properly all the time, it will get away from him.  it is an excellent instrument for High School.  Only thing I found after playing it for a while, as my lungs improved I couldnt get enough air through the horn.  Bore is only .500 and if too much air goes through it, it cracks the tone.  Good horn.  

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