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Linda S. wrote at 2013-01-07 14:55:08
I know this question is over two years old, but I just had to put in my 'two cents' - which in this case is really more like at least a hundred thousand of them (cents, that is). I own a 1926 Straube 4.5' baby grand, and wouldn't trade it for a Steinway of the same size! Straubes are unique instruments - because of the double overstrung harp, that 4.5 foot instrument sounds more like a 6 or 7 foot one. The sound that this little old piano produces is nothing short of amazing - and there's not a single section (bass, middle, treble) that's weak. For Lindeblad to give the questioner's instrument a "$300" value without even seeing the piano is simply ridiculous - especially when their own website, touting their 'restoration services', recommends restoring these "wonderful old instruments"!! I was actually thinking of sending our piano to them for some work on the pinblock and finsh before reading this answer - Now? Not so much!  

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