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tim wrote at 2013-02-11 19:26:16
Behr Piano Baby Grand For Sale Behr Serial Number is 52364

which indicates that it was made around 1926

It was bought after the house was built and is still there.

BEHR BROS. serial numbers

1908-17000  1918-33400  1921-40000  1930-75000

1916-29000  1919-36000  1922-42000  1931-26700

1917-31000  1920-20600  1929-68000  1932-81000

1955-503000 1965-579000 1972-653500 1979-737000

1958-521000 1966-589000 1973-660000 1980-754000

1960-535000 1967-601500 1974-683000 1981-767000  

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