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Rug 2
Rug 2  
I just purchased what I believe to be an older rug. I have taken a picture of the pattern, a close up of the pattern and one of the backside. This measures 9' x 12'. It feels like it might be made out of wool. I would love more information if possible, about the age, origin, process used to make it and approximate value. There are no holes or fading. There is a bit of wear around the edges. The backing seems to be some type of burlap which is worn around the edges. Also I would like to know how this should be cleaned and cared for. Thank you so very much for your time,
P.S. I see that I can only attach 2 images, if you would like to see the image of the backside, please let me know and I will send it.


Thank you for reaching out :) Yes, I would need 2 more images - 1 should be a closeup image of the back / weave and the other should be an overall image of the rug.

Also, please make sure to indicate if there are any repairs that you can see (or any other issues you might have noticed).

Thank you so much and in the meantime, here is some information I thought would be helpful:

Hope all is well.

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rug back
rug back  
full rug
full rug  
The rug is so large that I couldn't find a room to lay it flat, so I hope that the picture that I took will be ok, and I also am sending one of the back side under the burlap type backing. The backing is only attached on the edges, almost looks to be hand sewn on, and the burlap material is coming lose in a few places. The edges of the rug itself have a bit of wear, almost like a bit of a fuzzier look than the rest. I can't find any holes or repairs at all. There are no bare spots and it seems that the rug is all the same color, meaning no faded areas. One one corner of the backing it is marked NO=1535 12x9 and that is hand written. Thank you so much for your help,

ANSWER: Hmm... the rug looks like it was hooked and probably from the 70's (plus minus). There is something odd and I cant quite put my finger on it but the way it was made is very different than what I expected. My gut feeling (without seeing it), is that it is a Japanese version of a hooked rug.

I will send the images to a couple of colleagues and see what they think. Might take a couple of days to hear back from them.

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Hope that I am not bothering you, just wondering if you heard anything back yet from your colleagues.
thank you so much for you time,

Actually only one got back to me this morning (most are away)... What he said was "it is not that old and probably Indian in origin. These are reffered to as chain stich rugs. Probably not more than $1,000"

Mystery solved :)

Hope I was somewhat helpful.

All the best,


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