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full rug  
QUESTION: I recently picked up fragmented sections of an old rug that once measured over 15 feet long and more than 8 feet wide. It seems that the rug was cut to make pillows - a shame! You can see from the photo that I laid out the various sections as it once looked, but it is not complete. Can you give me an idea of its age an place of origin.  Any merit to trying to reassemble the rug? There is a chance I can still secure some or perhaps all of the missing sections.  There is a patial inscription which I can send you on follow up. Looking forward to your answer. Pete

ANSWER: Now that is heart breaking!!!!!!!

Based on the images, it looks like you have a late 19th century Persian Bakshaish carpet (most likely from around 1880). I cant tell exactly where the fragments start and end so it is difficult to give precise information or values... If you could secure all the pieces that would be ideal but it would be an expensive process to restore it. If this piece were not cut and showed up at an auction (with the wear) I would feel that a $15,000 - $20,000 estimate would be a conservative starting point and I would not be surprised if it were to fetch as much as double that(probably a 12k reserve).  

The background looks like it is un-dyed camel hair and the weeping willow pattern is well executed. Without seeing the piece, it would be difficult to estimate how long and how much it would cost to restore.

If you would like to restore it, then I would have to see it to let you know -

A - If it would be worth the investment
B - How much it would cost
C - How long it would take
D - How much it is worth in it's present condition
F - How much it would be worth after restoration.

Below, I have included some links that I hope you will find helpful.

I am here if you have any further questions or need more information.

Hope I was helpful.

All the best,

Omri Schwartz

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partial inscription
partial inscription  
QUESTION: Great information!  Given what you said, do you think there is value in the idividual pieces of the rug? For example, the one photo shows a segment approximately 6' x 3 1/2".  There is a second piece that can be re-attached to it making the whole segment about 12" x 3 1/2'.  Any value in doing this?  Also the second photo shows a partial inscription; probably once had the date.  Any idea as to what it says? Best regards. Pete

There is value in the individual pieces for sure. Some designers look for them to make pillow cases and some people like to mount them on a canvas then hang them as they would a painting.

But dont forget that there is also a possibility that the rugs is in fact salvageable. If not in its entirety, there might be an option to make a smaller carpet that looks complete (just smaller).

BTW - the writing is cut off but what we could make out was only something along the lines of "By order of".

Hope I was helpful!


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