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Hello there, I am writing to inquire about a rug I recently acquired. I think it has a beautiful design and nice colors to it. I am hoping you can give me some information as to what kind it is, and maybe a rough estimate on value. The dimensions of the rug are 3 feet wide, by 9.5 feet long. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Jonathan,

The more modern made rugs (such as this one) copy and re-invent patterns from all kinds of places and time periods. So it is very difficult to attribute the design to any one specific location or production.

The rug seems to have been woven in Turkey but in incorporating Caucasian elements.

By best gues would be that the design has its roots in the Soumak rugs (but please take that with a grain of salt as I can't be 100% certain).

You can learn more about those specific rugs here:

You can also learn more about designs and patterns here:

Hope I was able to help.

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