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Found you via a google search so I would much appreciate any help or advice you can give.
I am currently emptying an old family property which has been in the same family since the mid 19th century in which there are two old safes.
One is in full working order with the key etc and has Milners Powder proof Solid Lock Liverpool & London on the key escutheon with the handle to the right.Inside the thick door there is a large Milners Red crest.
The second safe is a little smaller and doesnt look as old but has a fancy Stafford plaque on the front -again in working order but had the handle broken some ears ago after an attempted robbery(nicked in the driveway trying to carry it away).
It would help to know some of the history and if they have any value as we have to empty the house following the death of my wife's mother.They have also been put in rather inaccessible places and will be difficult to shift-so again if they can identified specifically it would help to know the expected weights(I cant lift them but can just about slide them)in case we have to pay someone to remove or ship them.

From what I know regarding family history I should think the Milner date would be ggrandparents turn of the century and the
stafford around WW2 Grandparents Prob 1940 ish

Just realised that I can only attache two images...

Many thanks in advance


I would suggest that you try and leave them with the house. If this is not possible then you will probably have to pay to dump them - they have no real value above 50-100 delivered, fully working - but having to move them would subtract from that value. Datings would be about right but with no insurable value nor collectable value I am afraid they are merely strong cupboards-and not as strong as you may think.

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