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Front of safe  
We recently purchased an older building, this safe came with the building and we were hoping to find out information about it. Let me know if you would like me to send more pictures, if it would be helpful.

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Kirk, not sure what info you are looking for.  It was designed to be a business grade fire resistant safe and made sometime from the 1880's up to around 1920.  A well made safe designed to have a very good fighting chance of surviving a large city fire.  It was not designed to have superior burglary protection, however it would defeat most of the typical attempts seen then, as well as today. There is a considerable number of safes from this era still around today.  As fire is far less of a threat than it is today, combined with the effect that the computer has had on the need for paper storage, these safes have pretty much become obsolete.  Heavy, hard to move, and not worth very much, is why it was left in the building.  Doug  

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This unusual and highly innovative safe from the later 1800's is a Corliss. William, the much younger brother of George Corliss of steam engine fame, spent several years perfecting this design and it was first displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia U.S. Centennial Exhibition. I do extensive patent research helping me in the study of antique U.S. safes and safe locks. Repairs and part making for antique U.S. safes of the early to mid 1800's, both key and combination. Also the study of early round door chest designs up to and including cannonball safes of the early 1900's.


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