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Please could you help me identify my safe ?
Make, model, year ect ?
Maybe even a rough value ?
Many thanks

Hello Ricky,

This can't really be described as a safe as it pre-dates the first patented burglar resistant safes by about 50 years - circa early 1800's.  It could more accurately be described as a cast iron chest with a 'box of wards' lock. The chest was cast by C H Crane but I suspect the brass plate and brass escutcheon were added much later. The problem with cast iron chests was that if struck by a sledge hammer then tended to shatter, so the weren't terribly good.  They aslo conducted heat very effectively so they didn't protect documents too well either.  The lock did not have modern moving levers but a series of fixed 'wards' over which the key must pass.  It was relatively easy to make a simple key with much of the tongue cut away.  This would pass the wards and open the chest - hence the term 'skeleton key'.

As for the value; it is hard to say.  These old chests don't have any practicle function but they are relatively rare. They get listed on ebay and there are a couple there at the moment priced between 210 and 240, but these are Buy it Now prices which are invariably set too high and seldom sell but it is worth watching to what they sell for so you can get an idea of the value of your chest.


Mike Palmer FSyI
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