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Estandard Milers Safe England
Estandard Milers Safe  
Hi, I 'm from Argentina and does not speak or write in English and I do not have any other means through internet to translate so the question may have consistency errors .

Well, this safe is a family store , to remodel are discarding things that are not useful. They were going to throw it away but I thought that I could have some value , so I told them not to. The shop was my great-grandparents and safe they bought them when they founded the store so you have minimum 63 years. During this years of the store the key to the safe was lost so you can not close. The store is now my grandparents and is in a village 60 miles from my location, to sell need to bring safe , which is difficult because of the weight and the measures it .

Therefore , I wanted to know the value that could be also the time of manufacture and all the information you can give me


PD: Sorry for the quality of the photo, i have other photos if they are useful

This does not look like an English safe.
Milners were a big manufacturer in Britain, but this says "Milers".
I think that this is a locally made safe, made to look like a foreign safe...a counterfeit from about 1900
It has no collectors value except for the name plate.... and perhaps the lock.
If you are to sell it for security use, it will need a locksmith to make a key, but it is not very secure, so it will be difficult to sell.
If you cant get anyone local to pay you for it, you will have to take off the lock and nameplate and pay someone to take it away.

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