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Hello, for the past 4 years I have had REALLY BAD anxiety and depression. I started counceling in March of this year, I have been on Rispiridol, Syraquil, Celexa and a few more (sorry I know I spelled them wrong) for my halusinations, Major Depression, and Anxiety. Non of them have helped and I've had pretty bad symptoms with them. When i go to get teeth taken out and they put me to sleep they give me Moriphine, Valium pills, and Valium in an IV. The Valium really helps me calm down cause I get so upset when I teeth taken out. I am 14 almost 15 and I wanted to know could I ask my doctor to put me on Valium for only when I have anxiety attacks? Would there be any chance of her putting me on it? By the way I live in the United States.

Hi Cala,

It is seldom that drug therapy will resolve anxiety or depression. Medications only mask symptoms and do nothing to address the underlying biochemistry responsible for mood disorders. Most people with mood disorder suffer from hypoglycemia and going on a hypoglycemic diet is the first step in treatment. Please discuss the following articles with your therapist of health care worker.

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Anxiety Disorders

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