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i have had this problem since i was tiny, that i am scared to go places in my house alone. For example, go to the toilet alone. I can do it, but just walking out the living, and actually up to the toilet, i feel terrified? when i do get to the bathroom, i have to check behind the door, and lean over and check in the bath. I don't know what i am checking for, but if i don't do it, i feel completely overwhelmed with feelings of things like panic and fear. Im not scared of the dark in general, like if we loose power in our house, i'd be fine, as long as i am around someone. But say for instance, my mum left to check the power outside, i'd completely freak out, and have to follow her. I can't manage on my own. When i was younger i just thought it was a silly fear of the dark, or someone jumping out, and i'd grow out of it, but if anything it's getting worse? i'm 14 now. When my parents leave the house, i have to make sure every door is locked, every window downstairs, all the curtains are shut, the doors are closed, and i have to check behind the curtains, sofa, under the table and behind the door. I don't know what i am checking for?! Im not scared of finding anyone there, or scared of someone jumping out, its just i need to check otherwise it scares the hell out of me. I can't go into another persons house alone, when no ones home. For example my neighbor left for holiday, i can't go in alone, or when i finally get myself to. I have to creep around, check all the doors are locked, and check the kitchen. Even after i check, i sit on the sofa, frozen with fear and panic, and won't move. I don't know what is wrong with me, i feel mental? When i sleep, i have to have all mirrors out of the room, or turned round, all doors closed and drawers, otherwise i'll freak out. It get even worse at night, twice as bad. If i want to go upstairs, i need all lights turned on in the hallway, and check all the wardrobes in my room before i sit down. I don't know what i am scared of, or what i'm checking for?! I feel mental, and my parents say its a fear of someone being there, but i don't think it is? I don't feel scared, i feel panicked and overwhelmed. Like another example, i was making tea, and we have no curtains up at the kitchen back door, i had to try and keep myself away from the door, after checking it was locked, but i looked out, i saw nothing, but i panicked like crazy, i felt overwhelmed, and had to run into the living room to my parents. Every-time i try to explain all this to my parents, i end up getting upset and crying? I feel really stupid, and like a baby as i can't even go upstairs or in the kitchen alone without panicking about something. I don't know what i am panicking about, but i just panic. Do you know what this could be? I don't want to go to the doctor, as i feel stupid explaining all this. I feel stupid writing this to you, but i want to know, is it just me being silly? I am not scared of going outside alone or nothing like that. This all happens in the day too, so im not afraid of the dark? I don't know what it is, i just feel mental. can you help?

Hi chloe,

Your problem may be simpler than you think. Please discuss with your parents the following articles about hypoglycemia. This can cause you to overproduce stress hormones for no reason whatsoever, except that it is due to a metabolic disorder that can easily be treated nutritionally. Read:

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Going on a hypoglycemic diet will resolve the problem in the end.
Hypoglycemic Diet

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