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I have a question......

I have been dealing with PTSD for about 8 years now from my military service in Iraq back in 2003.  I was not formally diagnosed until 2006, which is why I say 8 years.

I have at least 3 anxiety attacks a day and a few panic attacks weekly.  The panic and anxiety attacks are so bad that they literally wear me down to the point where I am really exhausted.

Now my problem is that in my current job I work for the local utility company climbing the utility poles and I was recently sent to an IME for a consult.  I am worried that I am going to get pushed out of my job because of my disorder.  

Now would it be safe for me to be able to work safely climbing utility poles that average anywhere between 45-90 ft on a daily basis.  Could getting an anxiety/panic attack while climbing a utility pole be a reason for concern for safety?  And if it is determined that I am safety concern then what happens to me?

Hi Mark,

Climbing a 45 to 90 foot pole is never safe… Been there done that…  But putting that aside, the problem isn’t about climbing a pole, it’s about your anxiety attacks.
Saying that one has anxiety attacks is like someone saying the weather is not nice.. It could mean anything.  You need to have specifics, and not just another label like fear, of heartbreak, or anger.. etc..  Your PTSD starter AFTER Iraq… so whatever happened in Iraq is what you need to look at, and it even goes beyond that..

No one can heal your issues except you.. To do that, you need to be both the detective and doctor. When you experience these attacks, you need to dig deeper and ask yourself, who, what, where, when, why and how, and when you get an answer, ask another question and keep doing so until you get to the REAL underlying cause of your DENIED FEAR and TERROR..  When you do, allow yourself to express all the feelings and emotions that you never allowed yourself to express….

There is a lot more to healing your anxiety issues, and if you are interested in learning how to heal your issues and empower yourself, then you may want to consider downloading my free eBooks from my website at . I’ll be publishing version 2 of Book 1 and will be publishing book 2 and 3 in  few days so you may want to drop back and pick up the new ones.


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