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I have had anxiety on and off for 13 years and my newest symptom is a stabbing pain under my left breast (I'm 31 no history or family history of heart disease) and pains into my left arm that settle around my elbow. If I push on my chest and breast I can find the spots that hurt. After seeing my dr and learning my intercostal and pectoral muscles are extremely tight she said to take aleve to help but it does nothing. The pain comes and goes through out the day and some days not at all? I guess my question is why does anxiety make these muscles so tight and what can I do to relax them? Also how do I get through to my anxiety brain and convince it that this has been going on for a week, obviously it's not a heart attack?! When my anxiety kicks in it makes weird almost butterfly feeling in my chest when I breath in or my arm will "feel" cold which just makes everything worse! Any advice or techniques would be greatly appreciated. And no I'm not on any medication I have tried it and it's definitely not for this girl! I also do see a counsellor when emotionally I can no longer deal with my anxiety :)

Hi Kindra,
Anxiety attacks can have all sorts of weird symptoms. Read:

Anxiety and The Autonomic Nervous System

It is question of treating anxiety attacks and symptoms should disappear:


Beating Anxiety and Phobia  
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