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Whenever I am excited I feel something like a sudden rush of energy, then I can't sit still and usually need to do things like walking quickly, running or moving my hands. These movements are not involuntary, but they are compulsive. As far as I can remember, my life was like this. I have seen psychologists and psychiatrists and used anti depressants for 13 years until the psychiatrist told me that they were no longer needed and I had to face my disorder and tolerate it all my life. But nobody told me the name of my condition. I am going to marry soon and I do need to tell my fiance the name of my disease. What is it?

Hi Pegah,

Psychiatrists have often a poor understanding of mood disorders, so you cannot expect them to understand your condition. My guess is that you may be suffering from hypoglycemia (,) a condition not generally recognized by the medical fraternity at present and which causes the over-production of stress hormones. These form the symptoms of mood disorders over which you would not have conscious control.
This can be treated by going on a Hypoglycemic Diet (

I suggest that you test yourself with:

Nutrition-Behavior Inventory (NBI)

  Hypoglycemic Questionnaire (short test)
If you score high it may be an indication that ou are suffering from hypoglycemia.  This is a silent disease that is responsible for excess production of stress hormones - like adrenaline and cortisol - and which may trigger depression, anxiety or a low self-esteem.

If symptom continue to bother you. I suggest you get a referral to a nutritional doctor. or counselor.

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