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Hello Jurriaan,

I'm an almost-19-year-old girl going to college in a couple days and I had recently found out (within the last 2 years) that I have anxiety disorders.  My first thoughts arose about 2 years ago when I had a panic attack during gym class when a soccer ball hit me in the ear and caused it to be deaf for about half an hour. I started trembling and worrying for my senses' sakes and then worrying that the crying wouldn't stop (I sent myself to the nurse's office where I didn't stop for a good hour). And just a year ago, my practitioner suggested I had anxiety disorder.

Keeping all that in mind, I think it's at its highest around people. Social anxiety disorder speaks the loudest to me as I can never talk to people in public because of my fear of messing up or stuttering or not being liked. I always feel like everyone is judging me (being 5' almost 1" isn't much of a party). And now that I'm going to college in a few days where I know nobody, I'm really afraid of what might happen. I almost had a panic attack at orientation as it is, and I'm scared that it might happen again the first day of school.

The reason why my stories are relevant to my question is because I think it's time I start looking for treatment so that I can enjoy being social and making new friends and have confidence in applying for a job (in this state I don't feel safe working around people). The only problem is I live with my dad who works day in and day out and can barely keep up with his bills. We barely /ever/ visit the doctor because of the money. I'm afraid to ask him for help because he'll probably just put it down and say, "We just don't have the money right now." But then again, I really strive to live better.

So what should I do? Should I ask for help or keep trying my hardest without treatment?

Hi Tab,

Most forms of anxiety disorders or even a low self-esteem can be treated by nutritional means. Most of these disorders are due to a pre-diabetic insulin resistance that can be corrected by avoiding sugars in the diet. Please read:

Beating Anxiety and Phobia

What is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemic Diet

Treatment of a Low Self Esteem

I hope I have been helpful.

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