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You see I have anxiety and major depression is my biggest fear. I'm afraid that I might become depressed to the point that I would commit suicide. At first I was afraid of body symptoms but after going to the doctor many times they told me it was just my anxiety, so I know longer fear those symptoms. What I fear now are my emotional symptoms, Fear of becoming depressed, going crazy, of unusual feelings and emotions, unusually frightening thoughts. I know it's my anxiety that's making feel like this, but there's always the “what if?" what if it's depression? I don't think I'm depressed because I love my life, my family, myself, I look forward to many things in my life and there is no way in hell that I would ever hurt myself or others. Every time I think about hurting myself or others I get very anxious and panicky. Sometimes I start thinking "what if I get fed up with things in life?" When I have these thoughts I get very panicky because I'm afraid it might lead to depression if I ever get fed up with things I do in my life, I never get fed up with things in my life it’s just the way I think because of my anxiety. I also get a little anxious when I'm bored because it’s like there is nothing to look forward to or nothing to do, basically anything that I think of that can lead to depression I get anxious. I have taken many depression tests and they all say I have no depression. I was so afraid of the word depression that I tried to avoid it because it just made me anxious. I couldn't read or hear about anything that was related to depression because I would start to feel panicky. When I heard about Robin Williams my anxiety was really bad. My Questions are, am I depressed? Or could I become depressed from fearing it? is it normal to fear depression? I heard from people that have anxiety that your greatest fear never comes true. Is that true?

Hi Azusa,

Anxiety and depression usually go together but fortunately most are easily treated by the adoption of tyne hypoglycemic diet (

Please read:

Beating Anxiety and Phobias

Depression is a Nutritional Disorder

And discuss with  your doctor or nutritional doctor.

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