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Hello. I'm 20 year old male. From my childhood I have always been scared of the future. For ex, some childhood friend told me that all life on Earth was going to die in 2010 and I became scared stopped enjoying life. I know that it was illogical but I couldn't stop being scared. Now I simply fear that my parents are going to die without any reason even though they are perfectly healthy and that makes me feel afraid of future all the time. In short, I find a reason myself always to be afraid of the future and not live in the present. This has been so stressful to me. How do I get around this?

Hi Nikhil,

At least it is a good sign that you recognise that your fears are irrational. This is because you body seem to be over-producing stress hormones beyond you control. Thus is usually due to hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

Please read as a further explanation:

Beating Anxiety and Phobias  

and discuss with a nutritional doctor if you want to.

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